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Scam Scammity Scam Scam


CIA.com appears to be a legit dial-up ISP. They offer subscribers a “free” name@cia.com email address. Which someone is using (or spoofing) for this scammy scam scam attack:

Hello xxx@gmail.com ,

Your IP address has been logged on more than 20 illegal Websites.

This does not necessary means that You browsed all of this illegal content.

Theres possibility someone else has access to your PC, physically or someone else gained remote access to your PC machine.

As a matter of that, we kindly ask You to answer all our questions regarding this case in reasonable amount of time.

List of all our questions is available for download at http://www.some.scammy.scam.scam.trojan.link.with.a.ba.TLD/

If you do not answer these questions until 10.07.2008 we will start investigation and make final decision on our own. In that case, You’ll get the charge in writing soon after.

Please note that browsing illegal content online is serious violation of laws in many countries.

We expect your co-operation and prompt response.


Paul Allison
Central Intelligence Agency -CIA-
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW , Room 3220
Washington , DC 20535
Phone: (202) 324-30000
Case ID: 528-84223

This kind of attack has been making the rounds since at least 2005, but hopefully this will add some Google-juice to debunking the CIA variant.

PS – This is a total and complete FRAUD. If you receive it, forward it to spam@uce.gov and your email provider as spam and delete it from your inbox.