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I’m part of a wonderful team running a fun website that sells word clouds on t-shirts. The site is called If you’d like to find out more, head on over and, if you’re a blogger, see what your word cloud has to say.

Background: A word cloud is a weighted list of words. Give us your blog URL and our thrifty robot scans your site, counts up as many words as it can find in thirty seconds, and spits them out in a nice pretty picture. The words you use more often are larger, and the less-frequently-used words are not. We also have word clouds taken from the archives of non-digital proto-bloggers like Herman Melville and Shakespeare. There’s a bunch of colors to choose from and different fonts to play with as well. An exceptional group of people worked extra hard to make this all happen, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I do hope you’ll pay us a visit.

Flickr Pro Account(s)

I have

    two 二 dos δύο deux zwei due ni dois twee 2

Flickrâ„¢ Pro Accounts to give away by July 15 and no one to give them to. Use the Contact Me form on this website to send your request if you don’t know my email. No contest I’m not qualified to judge in the first place. No hoops to jump through. Just tell me you love me and make me feel all warm and special. First two in are the winners..

update: we’re done, thanks for playing…

load it, surf it, click-upgrade it

A recent conversation covered the possibility of implantable universal translators in the next 50 years. So we can all talk to each other no matter what country we’re from. This would also render the means by which I paid for my sojourn in Japan obsolete :smile:. But either way, this website has taken one tiny step closer to that goal, and is now automatically translatable into 8 languages!

It works best by going to the web-page for the specific post (click the title of any post) and then cuing up the translation. Trying to do the whole front-page in translation seems to b0rk it a bit. But have fun, go crazy…just don’t break anything :smile:.

Sadly, despite the Freedom Friesâ„¢ flag on the far right, there is no button to make the English more readable, you’re on your own when it comes to deciphering my native tongue. But if you’re feeling frustrated then click a flag and give Deutsch, or Portuguese, or Chinese (Simplified) a whirl. Your results may vary with the Asian tongues, however. Informed sources tell me the Japanese translates as gobbledygook :(. Most likely a symptom of my overwrought, punctuation-deprived sentences, but the Western languages seem to work pretty well.

Anyway, enjoy! Sowieso genießen Sie! ¡De todas formas, goce! Quoi qu’il en soit, appréciez! In ogni modo, goda! Em todo o caso, aprecíe! いな, たのしみなさい! 어쨌든, 즐기십시요! 无论如何, 享用!


My friend Nik and his classmate Elise have designed a reactive LED bracelet that’s tooooootally WICKED!
Read about the lumiloop bracelet on Elise’s website…then Lumiloop got picked up here on this electronic design blog…then bounced over here to this coolhunting blog…to finally land here on this big-giant-major-whopping (blog scale obviously ) mainstream gadget blog. Yay! Follow the bouncing blogs! YAY!

[edit: SEE ALSO the almost-even-more-totalllly WICKED puddlejumper – a raincoat decorated with electroluminescent silkscreens that light up in patterns mimicking rainfall in response to drops falling on the coat’s raindrop sensors…this is so Bladerunnerâ„¢ cool…me WANTIE! ]

[edit: see also the awesome Robot knits…someone obviously bought a bunch of extra tickets for the talent-go-round ]