Jonah Keegan is an entrepreneur in New York City. He wants to join or found a technology startup. He’s created one business already, and he’d like to use what he’s learned to do something bigger, faster and stronger. To that end, he is presently introducing himself to the tech community in and around NYC, and looking at interesting opportunities. In his spare time he works for an internet advertising company and eats lunch at the Shake Shack as often as humanly possible.

Jonah is a proud member of nextNY and the co-founder of New York City Entrepreneurs, a group of fellow-entrepreneurs who meet the last Monday of each month for networking, discussion, learning and mutual support. He encourages you to hit either or both of those links if you’re looking for friendly and supportive environments to discuss tech entrepreneurship. Or if you’d like to introduce yourself please do, the contact form goes right to his inbox.

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