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Lunches with folks who have lots of social authority are frequently auctioned for charity. Does a long-tail lunch market exist?

I want a long-tail auction site for lunches that donates all proceeds after expenses to charity.

An individual willing to have a lunch (presumably someone with some amount of social authority) posts date, time and city to the site.

Anyone interested in a lunch with that person bids, and the auction closes at some point prior to the lunch with sufficient time for logistical arrangements. Winning bidder gets a lunch with someone they want to meet, the “social celebrity” raises some cash for a cause of their choice.

This was inspired by the desire to have lunch with someone in NYC that I don’t yet know, First Round Capital’s resurrected office hours, John Boyd’s MeetingWave and a conversation yesterday where I was told about “interview auctions” at top-flight business schools, where demand exceeds supply for certain employers, and the open slots are filled by auction.