The More Things Change…

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Does anyone remember how a smart, innovative, “revolutionary” PC company released a ground-breaking OS/computer, but made it hard for developers (aka “hackers”) to get at the goods with a deeply recessed, non-standard case screw? While in comparison, the “other company” let “a hundred flowers bloom,” encouraging a modular, easy-access hardware environment and sharing their OS with developers from which to learn, adopt, and/or borg-ify innovative products?

Next, can anyone remember how the “other company” marched across the business and consumer landscape throughout the 80s and 90s, continuing to innovate on the OS front, and swallowing up useful proto-competitors in software, while the “revolutionary company” suffered from an inability to grow business market share outside of graphics design, and witnessed contracting consumer adoption due to a LACK OF APPLICATIONS?

Anyone remember how this “revolutionary company” stood (almost) at death’s door, til the founder returned with a slightly more open OS? And does anyone further remember how this OS lead directly to an uptick in activity within the developer community, adding valuable products such as iTunes to the core software suite?

So has anyone taken a gander at these iPhone OS quotes from said founder/savior?

Coda: does anyone remember what an American-educated Spaniard, who’s best friend from college married a Rockefeller, said about history? Something about learning from it, or being doomed to repeat it?

Yeah, me too.

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