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Scam alert.

$600-1,200 for 2.5-3.5 hours per week ?

Read and repeat: If it comes from the internet and it sounds to good to be true, it always is.

I admit, I read it through twice and almost replied, the idea of getting up a half-hour earlier each day and getting some “fun money” is pretty seductive. Fortunately, my front-brain regained control of things and a quick Google search revealed it to be yet another variation on check fraud scams. This time preying on job-hunters for added despicability. I reported the email to Monster. Here’s the full text, hopefully this gets some pagerank and keeps the truth (more truth) about these fraudsters easily accessible:

Dear (Full Name)!

We have found your resume at

And We would like to suggest a position at our company to you . The position is “Transfer Manager“.
The task of the Transfer Manager is processing payments between our
clients and our company via bank accounts or checks. The job is related to remote
Internet operations.Every payment order will be accompanied with detailed instructions.
It’s a commission based position. You will get about 8% of each processed payment.

The general requirements are:

  • The ability to create good administrative reporting;
  • Any expirience in customer service sphere is approved. But it’s not necessary.
  • Willingness to work from home, take responsibility set up and achieve goals;
  • Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;
  • Effective interaction with customers;
  • You should be familiar with working on-line and have Internet and e-mail skills;

Salary: $600-$1200 per week

This job will allow to you:

  • to work efficiently from home;
  • to increase available personal time;
  • to get financial independence for less time than it’s usually required;
  • to develop high self-respect and esteem;The working hours are not flexible. It means that you can perform the work at anytime. Working hours you
    choose yourself. The main requirement is you should spend half an hour every day for the work.
    You just have to check your e-mail daily to see if there is any work for you.

Current Vacancies: 4

(Full Name), If you are interested in this position, please reply to:

Ilona Matise,
Financial Manager,
Summer-Exchange Inc.

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