Net Neutrality

Cisco, Verizon and AT&T/Cingular are manuevering to put the big hurt on anyone (novelists, musicians, poets, newsies, filmmakers, photographers) trying to get their content out to as many people in the U.S. as possible without significant financial resources. The Internet is currently providing thousands of voices with a multimedia format and an audience to entertain and learn from, voices that would not have been heard even five years ago. There is no dissembling the argument that if these corporations succeed, these “grassroots” voices will go back into darkness. Please join me in supporting network neutrality and together our voice will help keep the wonderful diversity of voices alive on the Internet.

Here are some resources to learn more and act:

Key links:

Good articles on coalition kick-off:

Gun Owners, Librarians Unite Against Bells,” Telephony Online, April 24, 2006

New Group Aims to ‘Save the Internet’” Cnet News, April 24, 2006

Average Joe And Saving The Internet,”, April 24, 2006

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One thought on “Net Neutrality

  1. incredible that big co’s would try something like this. where do they get off? just signed the petition.

    amen brother.

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