Strike Christmas

NYC subway closed

The sun is shining
The taxis gleam
The frozen bridge-walkers sway
I’ve never seen such a day
No rides from the MTA
But it’s clear Christmas is coming
Hire me Bloomie I’ll get those trains running

I’m dreaming of a strike Christmas
Walking to work thru wind and snow
Where the traintracks glisten,
and lawyers listen
To commuters crying in the snow

I’m dreaming of a strike Christmas
With every transit card I light
May you freeze your ass while unions fight
And may all your Christmases be strikes

Irving Berlin, 1942.

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3 thoughts on “Strike Christmas

  1. It could always be worse. You could be in Poland. BLS
    PS Sing it, brother!

  2. I bet you’re regretting the fact that you never invested in an NYC party bike built for 6. You’d be making a killing with one of those–charging $2.50 a ride.

    Word on the street is that these select bike owners have been making disparging remarks towards walkies and asking “Who’s the genius now?” as they rumble all crazy-like around the streets of Manhattan.

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