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  • Yahoo’s Maps Beta rocks. It remembers where you were last when you come back to it, has traffic incidents with AJAX descripto-pop-ups on mouseover and a wicked fun slidebar zoom.
  • Mistah ComCAStic say jah!
  • These pictures are jaw-dropping even after a year in one of the denser cities on earth.
  • Some beautiful (and free!) Golden Age Superman cartoons. Originally released in theatres as animated shorts.
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    3 thoughts on “slidebar zoom

    1. Poop…I’m glad you enjoyed the Comcastic link. I thought it was fun albeit a little hard to make it dance as crazy as I wanted it to.

    2. I remember seeing these Hong Kong photos a while back…. I forget where, but after visiting the city last spring, the whole idea of “density” really took on a new meaning in my mind. Not only is the city unbelievable dense, but it’s so ecclectic! Little mom-and-pop stores wedged in between towering apartment complexes and such…

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