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Earthquake Relief for Pakistan

From a friend (emphasis mine):


Some 42 hours ago, tragedy struck Pakistan in the most horrific proportions we have seen in our country’s history. An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale has led to widespread destruction, with over 18,000 feared dead and a much higher number injured and homeless. We are all scrambling to figure out how we can best respond to the dire situation.

If you would like to help, please consider making a donation through the Earthquake Relief page at This is being run by a non-profit called ADP (Association for the Development of Pakistan) that I have worked with quite actively. The site allows you to donate to Edhi Foundation and the President’s Earthquake Relief Fund, two agencies that are uniquely qualified to mount the kind of large-scale response that is needed and don’t currently have the ability to collect funds online. All donations via the web site are deductible for US tax purposes. There is also information on how to contribute to other NGOs engaged in relief efforts. Over the course of the coming days, we will add more information on how we can all respond to this catastrophe within our communities.

Edhi Foundation

Run by Abdul Sattar Edhi, one of the most respected philanthropists in Pakistam, Edhi Foundation has a long history of providing welfare services and emergency relief throughout Pakistan. Mr. Edhi is personally directing relief efforts from Islamabad right now, and has told ADP that their helicopters have already begun airlifting supplies and medicines to the affected areas.

President’s Relief Fund

Given the scale of the disaster and the remoteness of the affected areas, the government is uniquely positioned to provide immediate relief. President Musharraf has set up a fund dedicated to earthquake relief and has encouraged people to contribute to the effort. He has also guaranteed complete transparency and accountability in the use of funds.

slowly seeping


This song is
the last track your last tape your last date the last great fake. The last. Nowadays there is no linear, we’re all hyperlinked. I’m hyperlinked to my current and my ex and my future hyperlinks are all shimmering out there, avatars enticing me and sliding once again down a circle of wit and who-can-type-the-fastest and wouldn’t it be great if this worked out in all the ways the last one didn’t? Before all this there used to be first and last, and back then this song would have been last, the dead last, deep bottom of the tape. The “deep cut”, the “timebomb track”, forgotten until it catches up to you, on an extended car-trip through cornfields that happens to include everything you own except for all the things she was able to take from you. And maybe you’d drive fast or maybe you wouldn’t, but you would be pleasantly surprised, and for a second forget the pain and heartbreak and all the regrets slowly seeping out of you and staining the pavement you blur across under a bright sun.