mostly punctual adopters

Yeah I’ve been thinking about my doorbell,
When you gonna ring it, when you gonna ring it?

  • Advancements in digital imaging and printing technology bringing art to the masses in new ways. This is an excellent corollary to the “How we were then” piece on the state of our consumer technology ca. 199?. Can’t find link :(
  • Gallery of film credit sequences by Paul Bass eg. The Seven Year Itch, Psycho, GoodFellas…you’ll likely recognize them all, incredible.
  • I haven’t heard their music yet, but scroll their site menu for chimey chimes that are fun.
  • I don’t think I posted this earlier. The Hymn Project will decrypt all your iTunes DRM’d myoozik.
  • The shelf life of various foods in the refigerator and freezer. Excellent reference.
  • Gameboy Micro, only five quarters wide.
  • If you install greasemonkey and this script you can right-click (apple: ctrl-click) your inbox messages in gmail and read them on a static, closable in-page preview pane, courtesy of javascript. Oh, only with the Firefox browser. With greasemonkey installed, just right-click (apple: ctrl-click) on the ‘Gmail Conversation Preview’ URL and select Install User Script…
  • A 99.91% serious talk show conducted entirely within the Haloâ„¢ gamespace that is amusing and well within one confidence interval of being funny…worth a look. Tagtip: Expand the machinima tag and hit the wikipedia icon if you want to learn more.
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