Monthly Archives: August 2005

The (sub)way…

Every stop is a new opportunity
Who will get on?
Is he the love of my life
The hopes and fears of everyone from everywhere in that look to the door
The irresistible draw of human eyes to human faces
Tableau, just now:
_____Asleep (pretending)
_____Cosmetics (applying)
_____Asleep (real)
And now a new stop,
Maria Cruz on a Memorex CD in sharpie marker, and the couple with it speaking Spanish
Nearby, a boy wears jeans emblazoned with motifs…
____________________RN #85069 (screen-printed)
____________________EIGHT (fabric lettering appliques)
And a beautiful girl in blue and yellow wears ballet slippers with gold sequins…

Check it out and ask yourself (ask your neighbor):
Where do any of us get off, feeling bad?
  • Stencil Sticker Street Art fresh’n’raw from the gritty gritty streetz.
  • Beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed Ramen. From the site, “we do not have franchises available in the usa or canada. we will open restaurants in the usa at some stage in the future however…”, tap, tap, tap, tap…STAMP. Long enough already! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOO IN AMERIKA!!!
  • The c00le5t c0mpy k33b04rd 3b4r!!!@!…Is that furreelz or photoshop?
  • Go play Manhuntâ„¢, Captureâ„¢ Theâ„¢ Flagâ„¢ or â„¢Dodgeball™™ in Manhattan.
  • The 100 oldest “.com”s.
  • Watergun Assassination Tournament – NYC