what have I got in my pocket?

brief snippet of me time, because a friend asked nicely, then back to semi-detached, uninteresting rambles through the back rooms of my brain, cheerio!

from the orangegirl

  1. total number of books in your house:
  2. 33 (2 city atlases, 2 travel guidebooks [1 city, 1 country ], 7 textbooks [4 to teach me, 3 to teach others ], 2 Japanese dictionaries, 2 Japanese phrasebooks [1 boring but highly useful ‘Barron’s Travel, 1 interesting but not so…’Making Out in Japanese’ ], 3 books on Japanese culture, 1 history book [japan], 1 self-help book [‘What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do’…good to know, that ], 3 graphic novels [Naruto, Naussica and McSweeney’s Quarterly ], 8 novels, 1 book of poetry, 1 moleskine [nearly full ]), a good number, 33. Many more back in the place where I am from but then I couldn’t be cute and list them all out, could I?

  3. the last book you bought was:
  4. I bought half of ‘The Spirit of Tea’, which I have yet to read but which describes the Japanese Tea Ceremony and which contains many beautiful pictures, which I highly recommend you look at, should you find the time or means.

  5. the last book you finished was:
  6. ‘Norwegian Wood’

    Currently reading ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’ (a bit dated, not reading as well as his others, you may skip with an unburdened conscience unless you are an obsessive completist and are/will be going through a Murakami phase)

  7. 5 books you often read or that mean a lot to you:
  8. who you’re going to pass this along to and why:
  9. Sorry, i am the joyless, no fun, dead-end where memes and email forwards go to die. Also, I only know two bloggers really, and sidesh0w’s blog is waaaaay to w3c standards-compliant and CSSexy for memes, and orangegirl already did this, and so sending it back to her would create meme feedback, which is probably like uncontained coldfusion, which sounds cool but in reality would turn all available matter (most likely, the planet…possibly the whole solar system) into plasma (eg. something like a star), as well as making that really awful feedback sound, sssskreeeeeEEAAAAWWWWWK!!!

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  1. Did you read about the microfusion attained through tiny bubbles and soundwaves? Or was that you who posted that? I can’t remember how I found out about that. Still and all, it would be interesting if we started driving cars powered by bubbles and sound.

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