An Adagio For Tandems StackedTeargas&PlateglassTeargas&Plateglass

This song is crawling up into the faucet of your bathroom sink, moving like an insect, the indestructible cockroach. Crawling along as corroded metal and clumps of oxidized plaque accumulate inside this copper arterial. Back into the walls and down down down. And then out, into the holding tank, drifting slowly to the bottom, clouds of dirt and rust illuminated in the tiny spotlights of your explorer-robot bug eyes. And down again, down into the earth. Pipes. Faster now. Pipes and conduits speed by, enlarging enlarging. The aqueduct. Massive. A crushing rebirth every second in turbulent, violent water. From 1,863 streams and 15 mountains it comes roaring into this single channel to carry you away, carry you somewhere you can start again…another chance…and the water will always be there to remind you of the gift given and received floating, arms and legs trailing behind, brought to the surface by the unimmersible buoyancy of your own beautiful heart.

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  1. fau·cet n.
    a fixture for drawing or regulating the flow of liquid especially from a pipe

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