a single unbroken stream


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This song is cream poured with infinite care in a single unbroken stream at the absolute limit of the liquid surface-tension’s ability to hold itself together in a continuous flow. And the spider’s web-thin filament of white liquid hits the coffee in your cup and sinks right in, the cup which is spinning at 10RPM on the dead center of your Numark Direct-Drive turntable. But then the line of cream resurfaces five millimeters behind its point of impact, tracing a circle in the coffee as the cup spins around. And the robot arm holding the pitcher of cream, its servo-motors and hermetically sealed, self-lubricating joints calibrated to within a thousandth of an inch, begins to move outward, and the cream continues to pour into the cup in a barely visible line. And it hits the coffee and dives under and then resurfaces, and what does the arc of its under-coffee journey look like you wonder? And you wish you could watch that part of the journey as well. But instead you must be content at this point to watch the resurfaced cream spiral out from the center of the coffee cup. And it occurs to you how the cream resembles the grooves in vinyl, just as you hoped it would. And you are glad you remembered to activate the hi-def video recorder on the robot you built for this task. And later on today you will edit this image, add the soundtrack, and share it with the world.

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