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My friend Nik and his classmate Elise have designed a reactive LED bracelet that’s tooooootally WICKED!
Read about the lumiloop bracelet on Elise’s website…then Lumiloop got picked up here on this electronic design blog…then bounced over here to this coolhunting blog…to finally land here on this big-giant-major-whopping (blog scale obviously ) mainstream gadget blog. Yay! Follow the bouncing blogs! YAY!

[edit: SEE ALSO the almost-even-more-totalllly WICKED puddlejumper – a raincoat decorated with electroluminescent silkscreens that light up in patterns mimicking rainfall in response to drops falling on the coat’s raindrop sensors…this is so Bladerunnerâ„¢ cool…me WANTIE! ]

[edit: see also the awesome Robot knits…someone obviously bought a bunch of extra tickets for the talent-go-round ]

a single unbroken stream


JasonSufjan StevensA Sun Came

This song is cream poured with infinite care in a single unbroken stream at the absolute limit of the liquid surface-tension’s ability to hold itself together in a continuous flow. And the spider’s web-thin filament of white liquid hits the coffee in your cup and sinks right in, the cup which is spinning at 10RPM on the dead center of your Numark Direct-Drive turntable. But then the line of cream resurfaces five millimeters behind its point of impact, tracing a circle in the coffee as the cup spins around. And the robot arm holding the pitcher of cream, its servo-motors and hermetically sealed, self-lubricating joints calibrated to within a thousandth of an inch, begins to move outward, and the cream continues to pour into the cup in a barely visible line. And it hits the coffee and dives under and then resurfaces, and what does the arc of its under-coffee journey look like you wonder? And you wish you could watch that part of the journey as well. But instead you must be content at this point to watch the resurfaced cream spiral out from the center of the coffee cup. And it occurs to you how the cream resembles the grooves in vinyl, just as you hoped it would. And you are glad you remembered to activate the hi-def video recorder on the robot you built for this task. And later on today you will edit this image, add the soundtrack, and share it with the world.

all attributions are approximate

the iPod contains only
songs recorded
during the month of March, 1992

if i leaned over and kissed you
what would you do?

if for once……………after once………after

………………….i didn’t…….instead…………try and…………..but
rather meant

……………………….until i…………………..felt

it would be best



but certainly (i hope!)………..perhaps

this time

i didn’t won’t think things through

……………………………………………………………what would you do?

If the text above is an underlined, malformatted, generally unreadable puddle of goop in your <snark>primitive</snark> browser, clic the pic for a static image of the wordz.

32 slammin’ cylinders of gas-gulping asphalt-chewing website

I very much doubt you’re interested in seeing tech info. on these pages, as there are numerous monstrous, asphalt-chewing, 32-cylinder websites written by people who actually work with/think about/understand it 24/7. But (of course) here it is anyway.

  • Groupative discussion webware enabling you to pop right from a website/blogpost/etc. to a custom-made “conversation space” (ugh, use the ‘Discuss’ Link at the bottom of this post if you want an example) into which you can invite all your friends. One nice feature is that it is owned by People Who Are Not Evilâ„¢ a nice note on a day when the US takes ‘one small step for ignorant legislating, one GIANT step for privacy-destroying government intrusiveness offering us NO meaningful improvement in our general welfare (in this case, security from people who want to explode and take as many of us along as possible) while making rampant abuse with corrupt intent as well as Orwellian totalitarianistic fun-n-games virtually certain thanks to its piss-poor design and lack of oversight from anyone within the legislative process who might be expected to maybe, perhaps, without for once being told to by George Soros and a billion web petitions from the EFF, provide that sort of thing’. Needs to import more stuff, like the permalink instead of the root URL for blogs, and needs to check existing public discussions and provide the option to join there instead (for things like newspaper articles, Lindsey Lohan gushing, political (yawn) mud-slinging, etc.). Nice trick to allow blogpost discussions and perhaps end the arms race with “Texas Hold Em” and the other spam geniuses fouling our T3 lines. It will be a blessed event, a new era, a fully standards-compliant, w3c utopia…until they (inevitably) learn to synch electromagnetic emissions with our neural electro-chemistry and pump the Cialisâ„¢ adverts (Now it is not necessary to refuse yourself in alcohol!) directly into our brain. <snark>I for one am looking forward to the day I am forced to subject my own thoughts to a Türing Test.</snark>
  • A semantic-search tool for use at home. Useful if you are attempting to become a writer. Of if you just want to be more like him. Whose new book has been the hottest topic for bloggers for at least the past eight minutes. Definitely a person whose brain I wouldn’t mind borrowing for a year or two…I’ll keep my hair though, I like mine better. Mr. Berlin Johnson has a great writeup of his technique for using this tool in due : Post 1, Post 2.
  • Lastly, a (possible) replacement to the bookmarks folder, trying to use tags (the flickr/gmail approach) and meta-data to make a useful, searchable list of links. Anything is better than browser bookmarks, which is where links go to DIE on my computer. My hierarchies suck, and there’s so much stuff that half of the folders end up getting duplicated. One neat feature here is that if you highlight text on the web page before you press the magic button to suck up its URL the text comes with it and populates the notes field, purrrriddy nifty. But there’s so much clicking sorting involved I’m not sure it’ll end up working out, the technology is there, but I’m not sure my effort is. Still, if one can stay motivated, it seems like it could (FINALLY) make bookmarks a living, breathing animal, pawing and snorting behind the starting gate to get out there and really chew up the int4rn3t.