Tarantulas Tickle

Photons that go on.
And on…and on…and on.
1563 people trying to unify theory…awake at any given point in time.
How does it all end, with burning men stepping
From street to street?
O strife given…
or given up?

  • GoogleX is really cool. Apparently it was released, pulled, no-commented, but not before being mirrored so we can all enjoy it anyway…shrug.
  • A Hungarian artist combines sand and an overhead to make performance art, I’m definitely into the transience of it all…transience man…say that word for an hour and I bet you can’t ever remember what it means anymore man.
  • Another Flickr tag browser.
  • April Fool’s on BoingBoing – there, it is complete, this is now linked to by every blog on the planet. And here’s Google’s…these are smile-inducing but last year there were actual AF scams that worked…this stuff is so corporate and wink-wink, nudge-nudge from the funniest guy at the water cooler…it’s not outsider art if it’s from the inside yo. Snark, snarksnark.
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