Cold In The SunThe Red Eyed LegendsMutual Insignificance

This song is a motor scooter ride through the back streets of El Borne in Barcelona. The light is bright when it cracks through the narrow buildings above you on either side. You find yourself almost unable to watch, giddy in the rush and excitement, and you try to surf this feeling, tease it into a full-blown euphoria. The sort of abandonment into dangerous activity, with complete and utter faith in the ability of your pilot to keep you safe, that you haven’t had since you were a child in your father’s hands. It’s much harder now, but that makes the accomplishment so much richer, faceted by every other experience life has thrown you since then. The rush is prismed like the inside of diamond as you speed beneath the drying laundry past basket shops and shuttered tapas bars.

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