ebrious (EE-bree-uhs) adjective

1. Inclined to excessive drinking.
2. Tipsy.

[From Latin ebrius (drunk). Two cousins of this word are
inebriated and sobriety.]

  • The band Soldout will let you ‘Make Your Own Sex’ on their website, eg. build your own remix of their techno song, neat.
  • Contemporary graffiti. ref.
  • I think Flickr just might be the largest single aggregation of art and out-poured human talent in all of human history…bumbumbumm. 😀 Q.E.D.
  • I <3 Paper Robots like there’s no tomorrow. Which there could be…which isn’t really why I <3 them so much, but perhaps it should be…
  • bibacious (by-BAY-shuhs) adjective

    Overly fond of drinking.

    [From Latin bibere (to drink).]

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