Bamboo Reflections

bamboo reflections

Been walking around Kyoto and other places for the past week…have tons of pictures, two or three of them should be interesting in and of themselves…the rest are the digital equivalent of a wood-panelled, late-70s/early-80s basement/den, where a large man on his fifth scotch is expounding upon the various not-so-subtle wonders of wherever he happened to go last with the wife and kids. And you sit on the scratchy couch upholstered in some sort of petroleum-derived fiber, sip your Tom Collins, and contemplate your host’s beard, the hair of which has the exact same sandy color and tight curl as the hair on his head, and you wonder if his whole body is covered with identical hairs, and you hope you never find out, but still the slides clack on, and four carousels are stacked and waiting patiently on the end table. And you figure that beard will no longer hold your interest past the second carousel…and you sip your Tom Collins.

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2 thoughts on “Bamboo Reflections

  1. Or, you can always start talking about the elephant in the living room. Was in a Buddhist discussion group when the esteemed teacher came in. Took awhile to figure out she was WAY loaded. Way. And expounding for sure. Interesting scenery (ala the beard) but not THAT interesting. A comment about the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and how lifesaving it can be, gently tossed like a pebble in the stream of her self-absorbed narcisstic ramblings had the desired effect of Wake Up! However, luckily, no vacation slides were involved….

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