I am a kottke.org micropatron

I’m guessing 40% of my links are reposted from his site, I don’t even really try to get the cream, everything there is so neat you can just make a random grab and you’re pretty much guaranteed of interesting tidbits. I could never leave my room again chasing down every lead he links up to until my curiosity is satisfied. He’s stolen hours of sleep from me. His name is Jason, we’ve never met, but I like him a lot. I hope if we ever do meet, my illusions aren’t shattered, but if anything he’d probably just be annoyed because I’d fawn like the fanboy I am and tell him how great his website is every six seconds. He’s gone indie now and I think that’s cool and I don’t care who knows it.

  • I love anyone who’s this into it, you go girl.
  • My roommate’s Japanese-language daily had a big spread on FIGHTING ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE the other day, and I was jealous. Here’s another story with paintball robots in it. I’m sure they will show up first in Tokyo, this town had 410,000 robots as of the last GLOBAL ROBOT CENSUS, the most of any country in the world. Which just goes to show you…..the Japanese love their ‘bots…..no I don’t know what that MEANS…..jeesh.
  • The Somerville Gates part deux…even more hilarious.
  • This time it’s tennis.
  • Choose a box and jump in: Whoa | <scoff>Not Bloody Likely</scoff> | Do 600,000,000 people even “read” the int4rn3t?
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