Against Your Better Judgment

Yokohama Lanterns

TrueDownpilotLeaving Not Arriving

This song is
the canoe trip you took against your better judgment. With the boy who isn’t quite right for you but had exhausted your ability to say no or come up with alternatives. And the tipsy narrow floating piece of fiberglass passes under a bridge and under gray skies. And you look up to see black birds flying somewhere, wouldn’t it be nice to fly somewhere?

And it’s anachronistic to be listening to this song, but you hope there will be a fire tonight, and laughter, and maybe enough of a spark to forget that whatever there was between you died long ago, and then this will be validated. But there’s no fire, your campsite is stripped bare of wood by the hundreds of weekend woodspeople who came before you. And the song remains the anachronism of a sad little trip to a lake in the mountains in the woods, under a gray sky.

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