welcome True Believers!

Yellow Samurai

One of the authors at core77 got linked to my slideshow from Tokyo Design Week and evidently liked what they saw. Their own site is a lot of fun and filled with interesting and beautiful things, including the one linked below. Check out the knife block in particular, brilliant.

  • Every Calvin & Hobbes Comic Ever.
  • $0.01 per MB with 300,000 songs…Green Day’s American Idiot, U2’s How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, Scissor Sisters, The Chemical Brothers’ Push The Button…incredible.
  • One of the most beautiful websites I’ve ever seen.
  • Typographic Illustration and hit ‘typo illus ii’ at the bottom of this Flash Website for some Remixes. ref.
  • I <3 Ninja Wednesday.
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    2 thoughts on “welcome True Believers!

    1. I’m glad they noticed your photos. I really do think they are amazing and I hope that you will make an effort to take as many photos as you can the next 4 months because I think you could sell your work. When did you develop this talent?

    2. Hi Jonah – I guess I should have warned you beforehand but I passed along your Tokyo Designers Week slideshow to the editor at core77 after seeing it linked from Metroblogging Tokyo. I was really impressed by the color and interesting perspectives in the shots (and others were as well).

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