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Kimono Gurlz

The midnight cafe above candlelight. The conversation dances a cigarette in your hands, barely touched by the tips of your long long long olive fingers. Your eyes sparkle and your face animates. And you come back to the point you made twenty minutes ago in a totally new and unexpected way…and you laugh at yourself. The cigarette dances. And the smoke twines and oxbows a writhing arabesque until it dissolves, an ashy squirt of ink in a clear pond of air. Writhing a line from the smoke to her eyes to your bodies entwined… Octopus ink diffuses from lines incised (head down) by oblong stylus into the soft pulp of a Beefeater coaster’s blank reverse.

Always behind
Slave to the grind
Losin’ my mind
Until I find
Love’s come back to me

  • Fascinating name frequency graphs from 1900 to now, found every name I entered.
  • This is an awesome mp3 site.
  • Strange web-crawling program (I think) plus image compositing software that will make digital art for j00!!!
  • Is the British term for toilet the earliest use of l33t-sp34k extant???
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