Tales of Ribaldry†

  • Peruse the skeletal systems holding up Buttercup and Pikachu.
  • Words.
  • One of the cooler sites I’ve found and the source of the above links
  • † – Tales of Ribaldry.

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    2 thoughts on “Tales of Ribaldry†

    1. How funny that you posted a link to the most popular words used in the English language…and their ranking. I watched a documentary last night on ‘English in America’ and how every ‘area’ of the country really does have it’s own dialect (and meanings for certain words). Interestingly enough linguists reported that, Boston/New York has the most PROPER English (closest pronunciation to British words), while Ohio (and the Midwest) speaks the most NORMAL English (understandable by almost all fluent Americans). The South is said to speak the most PLEASURABLE English…not understandably, but the most popular in terms of listening pleasure. :) Truth be told I got bored after watching two hours on the East Coast…so I didn’t watch the reamining two hours highlighting the West Coast (but they did briefly mention that West Coasters are affected by Spanish…and it is more commonly mixed in their language). hmmm..this reminds me that I need to check and see what ranking ‘Pipeye’ is on that site. ;o)

    2. Two things…1. Pipeye is not considered a word, according to wordcount.
      2. Rochester, NY used to be considered one of the few places in America that set the standard for proper pronunciation of words…BUT it has seriously declined in the last 50-100 years. It is now considered one of the least understandable accents by foreigners. I bet Grandpa Keegan would get a kick out that. ;o)

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