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teh terablitz roof upon puddles…

yay! new year! more posts! more fun! little candies in bright-colored, heat-sealed polymer pouches!


If you love someone and they don’t love you, what do you do?
You want to hold them close but it doesn’t take
You don’t stick
In their minds with the time, time, times
And the pain twists you up
Contorted in midair frozen
Like some sci-fi spectacle
Your face in torment, limbs splayed in space
Wrenched, wracked, agony
All on display
For the girl who bought a ticket
Eight months ago
Walking through the lobby on her way
To another point
She dares not look up, you think
But when the truth falls on you like a hammer
You think
That girl will never look up
As her beauty melts into the sea of people on the steps
And she is carried away from this place
And you are alone, Prometheus

Prometheus Type

  • a collection of beautiful fonts
  • sweet.
  • Wasp Nest by The National from the album Cherry Tree
  • can you really find art in anything?