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Surreptitiously snarked sitelinks from around the Web:

  • More stuff to do in beantown.(reg. req’d)-: Funny how articles written for “outsiders” are (almost) just as useful for the locals…
  • A three-page article on the lack of leg-room in Broadway theatres, most of you have probably heard this complaint pass my lips, now you can read 5,000 words of non-fiction prose about it if you so desire.
  • Refreshing reminder that at least one spark of creativity remains in advertising…I said “one”…don’t get yourself all excited now.
  • Giant map of Springfield.
  • There’s some pretty pictures here if you ignore the pr0n.
  • Worst written fictional first-liners (so far this description is almost an entry) eb4r!!!….for 2004
  • Nerd Public Radio (snicker…ugh) crosses This American Life with…with…VH1?…(you write it if you think you can do better) I wonder if they’ll take special dedications during funding drives…
  • ok these sites are really, REALLY cool…i am way behind the “cool-kids” eight-ball on this one but now they have an even-cooler offspring. If you have an account with Audioscrobbler™ then just go log-in to and you can get streamed music preferred by other listener’s (or your own music/preferences) that you can rank and all of this goes into further refining and updating your music profile and and and….:deep breath: – anyway, since I am lazy and this is the land of hypertext go check out what Joi Ito has to say about it, it’s way better than anything I feel like writing at the moment.
  • Beautiful gorgeous and beautiful illustrations.
  • Jewish NYC Harley Club, shalom.
  • Kickass Kung-fu!!!!
  • Amazon for blawggerz.
  • Richard Avedon slideshow.
  • † Most of this stuff is taken from or can be found directly at cuz Ima h4c k…:. . . .

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