hey look!..it’s me!..ha ha!…well, it’s something..at least.

My pointless and self-serving observations have a new home! I am superrrr-excited to be a part of Metroblogging Tokyo :BOUNCE!: BOUNCE!: :BOUNCE!:

There are lots of interesting and/or impressive people involved in this little project, so I hope you will check it out. Also, let’s be 110% honest, it’s hard enough for me to post updates to one blog with any kind of regularity…so I will “Do My Best™” but the majority of my thought-cycles concerning Nihon will probably be directed to that site. Also, if anyone has anything interesting (and preferably tokyo-related but that is not an absolute criteria) they want me to post, please feel free to contact me: my handle is denshi and my post-@, pre-dotcom signifier is the mail of the ‘g’…:)

Metroblogging Tokyo

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personal|professional musings ...of potential (obscure) scientific interest: sporadic first-person account of dreams either entering low-earth orbit or heading Mach7.3 into bridge pylon... i will do my bestbest to keep it interesting ;o> cheers!

One thought on “hey look!..it’s me!..ha ha!…well, it’s something..at least.

  1. This metroblogging in tokyo is quite interesting. It’s a neat perspective of the Japanese culture through Western eyes. I enjoy seeing and learning how the other side of the world lives, via English interpretation. While I enjoy your personal blog, I will also make a habit of visiting your new home. ps. I especially like the pictures of stores/places with the weird American names. The grocery store sign had funny descriptive words like “tasty” “enjoyable”–which makes sense but really isn’t the types of words our culture would use for a grocery store.

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