I think it’s time to pause this frantic search

Woman standing outside a cafe in Ginza.

To put the who, why, and what for first

The train station in Shinjuku.

I grab an answer I’m in such a rush

Tokyo schoolgirls.

And for a while the thrill’s enough

Hot Rod

But fantasy, the speeding blur, a world of ice

Bridge to the Kinikuniya bookstore in Shinjuku.

Sublimes in the friction of intimate life

Kid with bubbles.

The coffee, the chipped cups, two-by-two up the stairs


Yet I’m completely seduced by the moments they share

The sky in Shinjuku.

Any moment, any subject, as long as they’re paired

Japanese couple.

From a parkbench, on a weeknight, as I idly stare


Thru a hazy white window at a couple’s serene

Colorful playground in Roppongi.

System for keeping their clothing clean

Girls in a Naeba stream.

In a one-room apartment that conveniently holds

Spiral hair.

Their dreams their socks their bodies their souls

The sky in Naeba.

An instant so common, they will never remark

Love baby, love.

On the tiniest act that stunned me in the park

Two women walking.

A woman hanging wet laundry, a man standing behind


As sine-waves of insects and nightstars mark time…

Phosphorous burning.

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personal|professional musings ...of potential (obscure) scientific interest: sporadic first-person account of dreams either entering low-earth orbit or heading Mach7.3 into bridge pylon... i will do my bestbest to keep it interesting ;o> cheers!

2 thoughts on “Akatonbo

  1. I like the line “system for keeping their clothing clean” best. Very nice presentation of poetry with photos.
    PS I saw Grave of the Fireflies last weekend. Wins the award for Most Depressing Anime.

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