Fuji Rock 2004

The Libertines (UK)
British, very popular with J-girls…I listened to an album of theirs before the show and didn’t like it, but they are a band (like The Rapture) who are better live than in studio it seems. The show was fun with good energy. But those vapid comments are about all I can manage because I was still in a daze crushing on Stuart and wishing he had wanted to spend the whole afternoon with me.

The Stills (CAN)
Left the Libertines early to catch the Stills set. Probably one of my few miscalculations of the weekend. From all reports the Libertines finished just as strong as they started, and I thought the Stills were pretty “meh.”. Lots of energy but we are in the homestretch here and, frankly, I was pretty faded at this point…trying to conserve energy for the White Stripes and still a bit starstruck. But I don’t the Stills will be popping up on my turntable anytime soon, but please, comment me or whatever if you have a differing opinion, and maybe I’ll give ‘em another listen.

My fourth concert with the down-under rockers. As far as I can tell, they are HATED by all native auzzies…who comprise most of my co-workers…so it’s a pretty decent sampling all things considered. Widely thought of as “sell-outs” for the iPod advertisement, etc. It is my opinion if you have even the barest glimmer of insight into how the music business actually runs, especially in the post-Napster era, it’s pretty sanctimonious to criticize bands who turn down money from any legitimate source that is not potentially fatal to their image. But that has nothing to do with their show, which was pretty good. They played two new songs which are not memorable other than that they were perfectly listenable. They (meaning primarily the lead singer, since he’s their voice) also acted like cocky a$$h•les onstage, berating the crowd for not making enough noise, appearing very pissed to be playing while it was still light out, and consistently mocking the audience either directly or by intonation for being unable to understand what they (he) said inbetween songs. Not the nice bloke I met back in November ‘03…oh well, fame it seems, has perhaps gone to their heads. :)

The White Stripes (USA)
…so…close…to the end. Man, this is marathon. Ok well this is it, my favorite show of the weekend. It seems strange to say “the White Stripes was my favorite set but not the one I had the most fun at” but it’s true… This is a fansite setlist. I have no recollection of the O.D.B. segue during “Little Bird” but that’s probably just me. Everything was good but Jolene, We’re Going to be Friends, Hotel Yorba, Ball and Biscuit, The Big Three Killed My Baby, I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself and The Hardest Button to Button were really good. Also a fair amount of intra-song chatting, which was useless for most, but enjoyed thoroughly by me. Jack did a funny bit about eating cinnamon toast for breakfast at a hotel in Tokyo…it was funnier in person…really.

Black Math/TV Eye (Stooges cover)
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Let’s Shake Hands
Little Bird/Got Your Money (Old Dirty Bastard Cover)/Little Bird
Seven Nation Army
Shoo-Fly/Apple Blossom/Shoo-Fly
Astro/Jack the Ripper
I Think I Smell a Rat/Red Bird
This Protector
We’re Going to be Friends
Offend in Every Way
Hotel Yorba
Ball and Biscuit
Cannon/John the Revelator
The Big Three Killed My Baby
Look Me Over Closely
I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
The Hardest Button to Button
I Fought Piranhas
Let’s Build a Home/Goin’ Back to Memphis

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2 thoughts on “Fuji Rock 2004

  1. yay! Wicked good wrap-up. Glad to hear you had such a fun time. And SO JEALOUS that you met Stuart from B&S. I would have scream-asked him to sing “A Summer Wasting” or “Electronic Renassiance” but hey, at least you remember ONE of their tracks. ;o) Boston B&S fans are the best uber-dorks on the planet…especially since NONE of them would stand up during the concert. God forbid you startle the band by having a good time.

    I’m happy you had fun poopeye!!!!

  2. Dude! Awesome!!!!!! Some of that stuff sounded like it was worth all the rest of it. I don’t know how you keep the energy level up at stuff like that. It must be something you eat. But that sounds awesome! I just want to say that Ball & Biscuit and The Big Three Killed My Baby are my favorite White Stripes songs, so I’m glad they kicked at the show. I also want to tell you I know what you mean about playing an album three times in a row after buying it, I did that with Neutral Milk Hotel’s Aeroplane Over the Sea, except it was more like five times in a row (and I think I did that with Modest Mouse’s most recent one, Good News for People Who Like Bad News).

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