Fuji Rock 2004


The Fiery Furnaces (UK)
People more plugged in than I had heard exciting things about this band, and they did not disappoint. With a great female front and kickass rockin licks, they outshone their crap slot as the first gig of the day. Unfortunately, as the first gig of the day, they are but a dim memory in me mind. But since they are maybe one of the groups even the serious audiophiles amongst you might not be aware of, they should receive your serious attention, because you must stay ahead of all the trends, if you do not know about every cool band before the wankers who shop at f.y.e. and don’t know why that crazy old dude kurt loder is on MTV, then you will be officially old and out of it and the entire universe will collapse around your old, terminally unhip ears.

Jamaica All-Stars (JAM)
200,000 watts of live reggae over breakfast in a breezy-cool mountain valley in Japan…hard to beat.

The Mooney Suzuki (USA)
New York City rock rock. AC/DC reborn and done to a reasonable effect. The drummer did an impressive ‘worm’ across the stage, getting some major air in order to clear the monitors and actually give the audience something to see. They also pulled off the Jimmy Page-John Paul Jones “Bridge of Rock” where the guitarist and bassist stand back-to-back one stride apart, arch backwards and lean on each other’s shoulders, all the while continuing to deliver the “Rock”. Great vintage rock-party music and great vintage shaggy NYC-musician hair, great vintage ultra-tight outifts and various great vintage leather accessories (caps, vests, etc…).

The Jimi Hendrix Experience (UK)
Meh. Well now I can say I’ve seem them…meh. Seriously underwhelming. One of ‘em opened the set talking about how this is not a ‘tribute band’ and they just love to play their music, but it was so uninspired and pedestrian compared to the original. So either age/drugs have taken their toll, or they’re just in it now for the money a la the Grateful Dead, OR a la the Police (a li li li a la la la) they are another example of how musical proficiency and passion/creativity are two completely separate beasts, something that maybe isn’t such a revelation but the concept of the successful “uncreative musician” still seems bizarre to me.

Kaki King (USA)
Oh sweet! I was so psyched to see her! She was leading the list for most-tragic miss of the weekend but they brought her on for an abbreviated set at the main stage between the Experience and FF…she plays an Ovation electric acoustic and you MUST listen to her album. And then do everything you can to see her live. All instrumental but the range and sound she is capable of is just beautiful. And yes I am gushing all over the screen, she is talent all over the stage and it’ll just melt your heart straight out onto the floor and then you look down and there it is, inbetween your toes and already being tracked across the floor to mix with every other melted heart in the damn place.

Franz Ferdinand (UK)
“Jacquelyn was seventeen. Working on a desk when…” One of the main reasons I wiped out my bank account to attend this concert, and definitely worth the trip. Introduced most songs, useless for 99% of the audience, but I enjoyed learning a bit more about some of my favorite songs. ‘Auf Asche’ means “on the axle” literally, but is a Scottish term meaning “on the road”. Jacquelyn is a real person, Michael is a real person. Mundane, but useful if this album is as therapeutic for you as it is for me. I also plunked down $30 for a t-shirt you can probably buy for $18 at any Newbury Comics, because that’s the kind of “fanboy-living-in-a-post-adolescent-fantasy-world” I am.

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2 thoughts on “Fuji Rock 2004

  1. yay! Wicked good wrap-up. Glad to hear you had such a fun time. And SO JEALOUS that you met Stuart from B&S. I would have scream-asked him to sing “A Summer Wasting” or “Electronic Renassiance” but hey, at least you remember ONE of their tracks. ;o) Boston B&S fans are the best uber-dorks on the planet…especially since NONE of them would stand up during the concert. God forbid you startle the band by having a good time.

    I’m happy you had fun poopeye!!!!

  2. Dude! Awesome!!!!!! Some of that stuff sounded like it was worth all the rest of it. I don’t know how you keep the energy level up at stuff like that. It must be something you eat. But that sounds awesome! I just want to say that Ball & Biscuit and The Big Three Killed My Baby are my favorite White Stripes songs, so I’m glad they kicked at the show. I also want to tell you I know what you mean about playing an album three times in a row after buying it, I did that with Neutral Milk Hotel’s Aeroplane Over the Sea, except it was more like five times in a row (and I think I did that with Modest Mouse’s most recent one, Good News for People Who Like Bad News).

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