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gaps gaps gaps….gomennasai. I have photos from Fuji Rock that I wanted to post…arrrgh where does the time go? Tonight bore witness to my debut on Japanese television. My total screen time was maybe 1.5 seconds spread over three or four shots. In most of them I am in profile…damn, I am one pale gaijin…even after almost three months of serious roasting in the Nihon summer sun I still look like a ghost on TV…sigh. Apparently a record of the exciting event was made, so I will be able to share with you what passes for comedy over here (don’t worry, it’s in English).

Not much to report at the moment other than that, studying Japanese is fun, teaching English is not. I am happy…..ish. So little to do and so much time to do it in. :bounce!:

Fuji Rock 2004


Total Performance Hours: 65
Total Number of Artists: 183 (!) + one Smiths tribute band
Average Number of Performances Per Hour: 2.82
Number of Stages: 7
Number of me: 1
My ability to be in more than one place, simultaneously: 0
Number of times that affected me grievously: 3
Number of Performances Attended: 31
First-Time Shows: 22
Repeat Shows: 7
Threepeat Shows: 1
Fourpeat Shows: 1
% Attended Out of Total: 16.9%
Approx. Price Per Band Seen/Heard: ¥2069 ($18.67)
Approx. Length of ‘Music Time’ Per Day:
Friday – 11 hours
Saturday – 11 hours
Sunday – 11 hours

So this is now seven (EDIT: eleven!) days past-due and counting. Reason one for the delay is eight consecutive days of post-concert work. A draining affair from which I am only now emerged. Reason two is because I am anal, and have delusions that this information will be of importance to me in at least a trivial fashion at some future date. And so I want the report to be comprehensive. But composing a comprehensive report on 29 (EDIT: 31!) shows comprising ~33 hours of total listening time is a daunting prospect, and one that grows ever more daunting as the days slide by in a mix of active procrastination, oversleeping in consequence, and the third half of my life that is composed of the work which funds all the more interesting bits, and consists wholly of an eight-hour-a-day, all-out assault on my ability to commmunicate fluently and with anything even remotely resembling elegance using the English language. As a self-diagnosed ‘type-B’ my subconscious impulse to mimic is rapidly turning me into a purveyor of the goofy, stilted, preposition-and-relative-clause-free English dialect known as ‘Engrish’. Damnable given my desire to actually create something using little more than this language, and exceptionally difficult to prevent, as the conversion occurs under just the sort of hideous conditions (forced social interaction where I am obligated, eight times per day, to ensure my charges are continually waist-deep in the soundstream that is conversation, with bubbly moments; cool, relaxing stretches; and periods of brackish, stagnant tedium – except that for these it’s flop-sweat that’s produced and not perspiration of a more solar genesis…although there’s plenty of that around here too, we’ve had three days over 100ºF so far this summer) where I am least able to monitor and check this self-destructive impulse. But the eager reader cares not, and only wants to hear about the music, so now you have paid your penance, and here…at last, is your reward. Continue reading Fuji Rock 2004