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For all the hometown heroes, a five-page thimbleful of the wonderfulness that is the city on the hill.† :ping!:::pong!::ping!:pong!:ping!pong!ping!pong!pi-BWOOOOOooooo…. . . some form of holodeck-esque gaming created by someone with shockingly good taste in first names. The fate of the NYC World’s Fairground sculptures, the setting for an awesome Beastie Boys video and a marginal Will Smith film-finale, hangs by a thread I tell ya’…a thread.† Some funny comentary on the operatic inanity (imagine a perfectly flat, white plane extending to infinity in each of its 2-D ranges of motion; overlay an infinite grid of 1 meter squares on this plane; populate each square with the most vapid, vacuous, egomaniacal and vicious people that have ever existed across all of time…sit back, and enjoy your own personal Desert of the Real™) that is Hollywood. Naughty anti-Bush unmentionables. This article is a bit boring, but the slide show has a neat picture of a 110-ton, chromed-out jellybean† allegedly designed to last 1,000 years. Here’s a neat article on groupthink hits & misses in the art world. The iPod™ is dead! Long live the iPod™! Death to electroclash!…er, something. A truly wonderful invention for all those who feel the paltry 16 emoticons sanctified by AOL™ often feel like using a pair of astronaut’s gloves and a rusted leatherworking kit from summer camp 18 years ago to assemble a FabergĂ© egg. Leahy to Cheney “You Got Served™*”. A tasty bit of software to mind-meld you with the musical hive-mind….n’ stuff. More emoticon madness learn to read the face marks of Nihon.

† – reg’d req’d :(
* – see also, “I know Chris Stokes. Chris Stokes was a friend. And you sir, are no Chris Stokes.”

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