Incredibly poor choice of names on top of an even worse font, I just can’t help but think some ad-hack consumed with self-loathing is doing this, even if only subconsciously, in a cry for help…

A really refreshing interview with Sen. Joseph Biden done by some moderately brilliant dude whose alma mater I share (yes who cares, I know)…I remember hearing an NPR Press Club speech by Biden and thinking how intelligent, passionate, and persuasive he sounded as a public speaker (…want better word than persuasive….too late, can’t think, arrgh) my initial opinion changes not after reading this piece.

more stolen links†:

  • best use of SUV eb4r!!!
  • wardating plus: i’m sure the “policy meme” has already gone around the world a couple thousand times by now, but here is my contribution: i have a policy that nosehair will no longer creep out of my nostrils, necessitating delicate scissor-trims and contemplation of the thousands and thousands of ¥ a trimmer designed expressly for this purpose will set me back 😆
  • hilarious. e.g.
    J.D. Salinger, “Catcher in the Rye”
    • “A dull, pendantic book about a dull, pedantic hypocrite.”
    • “This book was linked with the murders of John Lennon, and actress Rebecca Schaeffer. How could this book be around, when so many nutcases use it for such things?”
    • “Salinger is the real phony here.”
    • “I find it as pointless as the day i read it. You would be much better off reading a nice Grisham, actually…”
    the Ulysses one is also exquisite
  • encrypt your iChat
  • † – kottke

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