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Welcome to the future. This is the sexiest accessory to land in an automobile since Cadillac discontinued air-ride suspensions. :)

me wantie.

ps – it’s an HDD-based 3D GPS car navigation computer with voice controls, an MP3 player for thousands and thousands of songs…oh and mobile internet for all the email and sh….tuff you need to send while yer drivin’ 😀



Incredibly poor choice of names on top of an even worse font, I just can’t help but think some ad-hack consumed with self-loathing is doing this, even if only subconsciously, in a cry for help…

A really refreshing interview with Sen. Joseph Biden done by some moderately brilliant dude whose alma mater I share (yes who cares, I know)…I remember hearing an NPR Press Club speech by Biden and thinking how intelligent, passionate, and persuasive he sounded as a public speaker (…want better word than persuasive….too late, can’t think, arrgh) my initial opinion changes not after reading this piece.

more stolen links†:

  • best use of SUV eb4r!!!
  • wardating plus: i’m sure the “policy meme” has already gone around the world a couple thousand times by now, but here is my contribution: i have a policy that nosehair will no longer creep out of my nostrils, necessitating delicate scissor-trims and contemplation of the thousands and thousands of ¥ a trimmer designed expressly for this purpose will set me back 😆
  • hilarious. e.g.
    J.D. Salinger, “Catcher in the Rye”
    • “A dull, pendantic book about a dull, pedantic hypocrite.”
    • “This book was linked with the murders of John Lennon, and actress Rebecca Schaeffer. How could this book be around, when so many nutcases use it for such things?”
    • “Salinger is the real phony here.”
    • “I find it as pointless as the day i read it. You would be much better off reading a nice Grisham, actually…”
    the Ulysses one is also exquisite
  • encrypt your iChat
  • † – kottke

    that’s it? that’s the eloquent comeback?

    Beautiful deck of cards. Sadly, only offered in reward for $100 worth of fonts, and while there are far, far worse things to spend $100 on, I am on a budget til my first payday because I bought a ticket to go here yesterday. 😀

    Stolen (among other things in this post 😉 ) from a friend, in order to fluff up the content, but i’m sure sidesh0w’s already seen it <sigh>…

    Deadly muse. (creamycreamycheesycheesy)

    Also, here’s yesterday’s word-of-the-day, which was actually one I had not heard before:

    Socratic irony (suh-KRAT-ic EYE-ruh-nee) noun

    A profession of ignorance in a discussion in order to elicit clarity
    on a topic and expose misconception held by another.

    [After Greek philosopher Socrates (470?-399 BCE).]

    Today’s word in Visual Thesaurus: Socratic irony (Check this out, it’s popped up here before, but it’s still cool…edit: the word itself doesn’t work, but you can try it with others, try throwing down that standby of sixth-grade “world’s ____-est” convo’s antidisestablishmentarianism.)

    “John, who’d been sitting in a plastic waiting-room chair not saying
    a word, looked up, shrugged his shoulders and replied with an air of
    Socratic irony that he honestly didn’t understand.”
    Tristan Egolf; Lord of the Barnyard; Grove Press; 2000.

    “Indeed, from one point of view, Socratic irony seems analogous to
    false speech, in the sense that it is not straightforward and
    J. Peter Euben; Corrupting Youth; Princeton University Press; 1997.