spiritual hey-lung.

Jiyona Ki-gan

Me name in the katakana “Jiyona Ki-gan”.

Had my first “weekend” this past wednesday-thursday…a bit on the warm side, so I walked around wed. afternoon/evening – but decided to stay home Thursday as I was worn out from the week and the heat. Finally got a phone…and my bankcard, so I am more or less completely plugged into functioning Tokyo society at this point…except for the total illiteracy and language-block issues…

Shamelessly using my students to find interesting things to do in Tokyo. There is a tokyo zoo, although it sounds a bit bleak, and two aquariums unless I am misunderstanding our mutual language-gap…I try to visit aquariums in any city that has one, often they can be quite dull (I would not recommend Barcelona’s aquarium unless you are quite thoroughly out of other things to do….or subjected to intense rain) but watching the fish relaxes me and makes me happy, so I suspect I’ll be at tokyo’s before too long…

Huge downer with the mid-week off situation is that most clubs and music venues are closed tuesday and wednesday nights…no fun there, but I’m sure I can find something – I will keep looking and report back – so stay tuned for more riveting reports.

More pics inside if you want to see further evidence of my painfully slow evolution in the digiphoto aesthetic…

Here is some sort of giant airduct. There was another one sans greenery, but they were too far apart to frame in a single photo without investing way more creativity and effort than I was willing to give on a hot day…a few minutes later I discovered this air duct resides in Shinjuku and not in Shibuya, which is where I had thought I was and wanted to be…sigh.

Air Duct

This is Hachiko, possibly the most famous statue in Tokyo. He used to wait for his master outside Shibuya station everyday. When master died in 1930, Hachiko continued to show up at the station and wait every day for the next seven years. To the right out of frame are the giant video screens you see the brontosaurus on in ‘Lost In Translation’ – I saw the bronto but didn’t get my camera out in time, sat around for another 20 minutes or so hoping for a reappearance, but no dice…sigh.


This is the Hachiko plaza from underneath the giant videoscreen…the crowd might be more impressive if it was in focus, but also note that this is on a wednesday evening ~8pm…reasonably impressive I think.

Hachiko Plaza

Juxtaposition, anyone?


More tokyo streets, hundreds of these in Shibuya…

Shibuya street

End Of The Day…

Cuba Libre

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5 thoughts on “spiritual hey-lung.

  1. That last photo is very telling. I should carry my digital camera around more often. Please take more pictures and post them – when I check your site and see pictures, I get all giddy like I did when I finally got a Cabbage Patch Kid in 1984. Well, not quite that giddy, but almost.

  2. great photos. they make me realize how much my reference point for tokyo is now “lost in translation,”– and, because of that, i love the last shot. must disagree on behalf of the octopus in the barcelona zoo, though. and the open stingray pool– or, as us law students like to call it, the tort waiting to happen.

  3. I think you should stop deriding your digital photo talents. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your photographs.

  4. I agree with O. Your photos are great. I’m loving them. I hope the last photo is not the end of every day.

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