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crack for carrots

This guy is super-nice and his stuff is the realdeal. Check it out, if you grow anything seasonal, you will thank me for it I guarantee…

From: Tom Szaky < ->
Date: June 18, 2004 4:39:32 PM EDT
Subject: TerraCycle and Home Depot!
Reply-To: Tom Szaky < ->

Dear Friend,

This e-mail is both an exciting TerraCycle announcement and a call for help.

On Monday our product went online with Home Depot ( For ordering information, visit either or and search for “terracycle.”

Amazingly, TerraCycle ( is the first product ever to be made entirely from and packaged entirely in trash. The content of our bottle is a vermicompost tea, produced in our factory on a New Jersey landfill (resource recovery complex) from organic solid waste, and the packaging is composed of used soda bottles collected by a handful of New Jersey recycling centers and by thousands of elementary school students across the state. This quarter, close to 100,000 students have participated in our recycling program; they have collected close to a quarter million used soda bottles.

If you would like to see TerraCycle continue to grow through this product and more upcoming and promising product lines from our company, please support our efforts and buy a bottle or a three-pack on Home Depot’s website. Also, please spread the word to your family and friends.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Thanks again,


P.S. This is a bulk e-mail, for which I would like to apologize ahead of time.
Tom Szaky
Chief Executive Officer
TerraCycle, Inc.

whoa, oh…

I am a karaoke virgin no longer…filed under “things you never thought you’d do” – believe me, you will do – especially if you are hooked up with a bunch of aussies and brits…oy.

On the train ride home, slogan from the fashionable t-shirt in front of me: “The Value Lies In The Feeling Shared With The Customers.”

…I couldn’t make that up if I wanted to, I had to write it down because it is so banal and yet so bizarre, and you see 10-50 of the like per day here…this is truly the weirdest place I’ve ever lived…wild.

ps – I am quite proud of myself for making it home tonight unassisted, here’s some more on what “population density” means in Tokyo.

Tokyo Skyline

boring picture series: 021309321229393

These are stultifyingly dull, but here are some images: the flight over and views from the top floor of my building at 5AM this mo’nin…

This was my view for 13hrs. on the way over – Alaska under clouds…bummer. :(
Flight to Japan

Boy’s first sighting of Nippon ::yawn::
Chiba, Japan

Here’s most of the view off the side of my building that I live on, there are at least four or five more buildings in the compound – note the green leafy stuff at the bottom of the photo – trees, abundant and tall by tokyo standards, with a (fake, i think) stream and pond set in them….yay!
Nakadai, Itabashi

Here’s the view off the other side of my building, Tokyo skyline! But you have to go to the top floor to see it.
Tokyo Skyline

Another view from this side…has anyone ever mentioned to you that tokyo is crowded? Well it turns out to be true – the train station I am headed to in about 45 minutes gets daily traffic equivalent to the entire population of the city of Chicago…this is one train station…and I have to find the South Exit but not the New South Exit or the Southeast Exit…I think I might not be giving myself enough time…I walked through this station last night and it is boggling, take Grand Central multiply it by five and tangle up the atriums (sp? — atria?), platforms and walkways into an untie-able knot, and you pretty much have Shinjuku Station….wish me luck.
Nakadai, Itabashi

h4x0r t4gz

grafitti has gone geek – got this from one of my blogrolled sites…i’d rec. checking out the movie and the pdf if you have time, the pdf is almost better but it is cool to see the little guy in action.

me wantie!

here’s another cool artlink that’s been waiting patiently in my inbox to be posted…

helper monkeys! – all things monkey are so linkable…