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spiritual hey-lung.

Jiyona Ki-gan

Me name in the katakana “Jiyona Ki-gan”.

Had my first “weekend” this past wednesday-thursday…a bit on the warm side, so I walked around wed. afternoon/evening – but decided to stay home Thursday as I was worn out from the week and the heat. Finally got a phone…and my bankcard, so I am more or less completely plugged into functioning Tokyo society at this point…except for the total illiteracy and language-block issues…

Shamelessly using my students to find interesting things to do in Tokyo. There is a tokyo zoo, although it sounds a bit bleak, and two aquariums unless I am misunderstanding our mutual language-gap…I try to visit aquariums in any city that has one, often they can be quite dull (I would not recommend Barcelona’s aquarium unless you are quite thoroughly out of other things to do….or subjected to intense rain) but watching the fish relaxes me and makes me happy, so I suspect I’ll be at tokyo’s before too long…

Huge downer with the mid-week off situation is that most clubs and music venues are closed tuesday and wednesday nights…no fun there, but I’m sure I can find something – I will keep looking and report back – so stay tuned for more riveting reports.

More pics inside if you want to see further evidence of my painfully slow evolution in the digiphoto aesthetic… Continue reading spiritual hey-lung.

i am a crap photographer.

sigh, here are more badly photographed things that caught my eye whilst i had camera in tow…

Wee ones frolic in our courtyard…from the danchi’s school located on the grounds.
Nakadai Garden

2510 Yen worth of groceries, or about $25USD. Note the delicious bottle of ‘Pocari Sweat’, mmm-MM! (sidebar: my checkout girl saw mold on the bag of apples I brought up, she ran over to the produce section and grabbed another bag for me, then she spotted mold on one of those apples and went back a second time to get a clean bag….wow)
Tokyo Groceries

Crap picture of shinjuku…maybe it’ll look cooler reduced :shrug:
Blurry Shinjuku

Circulars hyping this pizza-derived genre of food land in our mailbox every day (the apt. mailboxes have a flip-slot front, like the old-time mail-slots in doors, nice for checking to see if you have mail, annoying for the unsolicited bulk mail you get everyday…still, beats having them stuffed into every crack in the molding they way they are in every non-doormaned apartment building in NYC, and can you imagine a 1000+ resident apartment building in the states where you can reach in and grab your neighbors mail with only a minimal effort?) highlights include everything that is on the freakin’ thing: cocktail weiners (appropriately condimented with mustard and ketchup…of course), corn, and lettuce? (I assumed cabbage, e.g. sauerkraut, but with japanese pizza, assume nothing). Note the Stars & Stripes bottom right and the oh-so-appropriate name ‘GrandSlam’ – ballpark franks nestled deep in the cradle of western civ give thanks for their relatively benign fate swaddled in wonder bread.
Japanese Pizza

dateline reprieve…

X: “Today’s Father’s Day y’know.”

boy: “Ah, crap!”

X: “Yeah, tough luck there mate.”

boy: (wheels turning) “….no wait! Haha! It’s not father’s day yet.”

X: “Yes it is.”

boy: “No, it’s only 11PM Saturday back in the States.”

boy: 1, dateline: 0.