feats of clay

J: i think i’m in love with that cleo gurl
J: her and cassandra claire
J: i will stalk j00!
J: funny satire web gurlz
J: and i will profess to luv j00
J: but then i will kill j00 b/c i am mad jealous of yer prolific writing of funnies!
#: who’re cleo and c.c.?
J: cleo is troy in 15 minutes
#: ah
J: cc is the very secret diaries
J: still #1 in my heart
#: heheh
#: you will woo them
#: or rather, w00 them
J: and still gut-bustingly f’in HI-larious
#: totally
J: i will d33ph34t j0 h34rt gu5l !!@!
#: lol!
J: i wi11 pwn4ge j00!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J: sigh…

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personal|professional musings ...of potential (obscure) scientific interest: sporadic first-person account of dreams either entering low-earth orbit or heading Mach7.3 into bridge pylon... i will do my bestbest to keep it interesting ;o> cheers!

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