Vivian world. World, Vivian.

Everyone please say hello to my favorite new arrival on planet Earth. Her name is Vivian. She was created ~August 2003 by an amazing couple, one-half of whom I had the good fortune of befriending in college. She joined the community of air-breathing mammals at 3:54AM on April 21st, 2004. My sincerest congratulations and best wishes for the mother. For the father, you may now commence the rest of your life repaying your wonderful bride for the gift she’s spent the past nine months preparing for you (well, to be perfectly fair it wasn’t completely for you, probably wasn’t even mostly for you…whatever, you owe her…bigtime).

Hello world my name is Vivian.

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personal|professional musings ...of potential (obscure) scientific interest: sporadic first-person account of dreams either entering low-earth orbit or heading Mach7.3 into bridge pylon... i will do my bestbest to keep it interesting ;o> cheers!

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