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Ok so it’s been a while. I have had a time of it these past two weeks with lots of living. Not much was accomplished from the standpoint of productive output (bills: unpaid, art: unmade, fret-level: moderately high), but there was much time spent with friends, a highly dedicated pursuit of social-monkey activities and a lot of conversation of the fulfilling sort.

[aside: the little girl across the street just ran out of her house to board the pale-blue minivan with a lime-green plush monkey strapped to her back…if I had the time or energy, I would reference quotes/anecdotes/historical criticism concerning the writer sitting on the park bench or in the tiny attic-apartment overlooking the le Champs-Elysees watching the world go by from their tiny corner of the universe….bleagh, but it is refreshing how the joy of life can be thrown at you from almost any corner, you don’t need to visit Tibet to connect with the human experience, it comes through your bedroom window often enough]

I have met more new peeplz, made (i hope) more new frendz, and have shared just some of the most fantastic experiences in my last five months here versus the previous ~5 years…….the bittersweet taste of my departure is on my mind almost constantly at this point. Re. said departure by the way, in just over one month I will be stepping onto a plane in Boston and stepping off in Tokyo, Japan where I will be spending the next year living, working and creating/seeking a few “adventures in self-discovery” etc…

Definitely nervous about the change, and already missing everyone I am leaving behind terribly, but also anticipating an amazing year of sights/sounds/tastes/tactiles/etc.

I hope all friends who are in the neighborhood will look me up. And if you’re not a friend but might like to become one, I am a somewhat amusing fellow and easy to get along with (and can produce references to that effect), so please feel free to drop a line. I hope to write write write write WRITE whilst I am sojourning, so the goal is to keep this blog popping with my oh-so-interesting life, transmuted to written form for your daily-ish reads (ah the hubris!). My replacement camera is on its way as we speak, so second goal is to spike the writings with poignant images as well, all told I hope to put together some neat stuff for your viewing pleasure.

Wish me luck and let’s keep in touch, because I am going to miss you all sumthin’ fierce :fret: :-/ and thanks to teh wond4rfuln3ss of teh int4rn3t, my relocation to the other side of the planet does not mean I have to completely disappear from your radar screen…

Should be dumping a bunch of stuff on eBay over the next month (soon as the camera gets here). So I’ll put links up if anyone’s interested in checking out a not-so-random selection of used-but-not-used-up items from the collection of a 28y.o. male with a bias towards function vs. form (ugly stuff that werkz gd).

Also going to try and string together a going-away party for me. Trying for one of the last three May Saturdays in Boston, updates will (hopefully) follow, and you’ll get an invitation whether you can make it or not, it’s always nice to know your invited…

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2 thoughts on “Portentous Post

  1. Better send that date out quickly… some of us have social schedules. Seriously, I’d like to be around for the party, and I’m trying to move up to VT for the summer so let me know if you settle on a date.

  2. Maybe you should just have a “Surprise I’m staying in Boston” party instead. j/k, I know you’ll have a blast there! Even if it means leaving an ‘eye in Boston.

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