the same thing we do every day Pinky…

Send email to peeplz after you DIE…<shudder>…the internet and passive aggression join forces yet again to bring you new modes of creepy, flawed and destructive communication…thank you, Aldous. Email as a psychic weapon, this is probably a DARPA psy-ops project…hmm 😕 </shudder>

Elsewhere, NASA can now hear unspoken thoughts which is a good palliative for previous “News of the Creepish” and should ultimately make “mind control” of computers etc. easier for handicapped persons or anyone else who wants to play that way. Also would make communication with liquid-breathing deep-sea divers easier (which is a group that gets far too little attention methinks ;o> For most of us though, I think those “unspoken thoughts” should stay precisely where they are ;o>

dieselsweeties informs us that: IT’S FUN TO USE LEARNING FOR EVIL! and makes several other humorous observations via the time-tested medium of heat-bonded, colored polymers on cotton fiber. If I was fabulous with wealth, there are at least three people who would receive an I AM TEN NINJAS tee, alas… ;o>

  • apple luvvin’ check out some great free desktop art.
  • more apple luvvin’ – when yo’ Apple needs some TLC hit computerloft – far better prices then you’ll get from the pretentious style-freeks (it takes one to know one) at 1 Infinity Loop.
  • wireless luvvin’ search for IEEE 802.11g hotspots….from
  • greek mythology primer….also from
  • enigma of uranus solved at last (and it’s about GD time…)
  • a word a day – 4 all j00 r33d-phr33ks!!@!
  • tessellations are beautiful, I made one of these once for my uncle, I think he likes it
  • login to all your favorite free-but-registration-required websites without having to disclose your familial lineage, food allergies, tread rating, last 10 sexual positions, yay or nea stance on the Magna Carta or geek code.
  • appropos of sexual configurations, the economics of faking an orgasm, including #6 – The more education you have, the more likely you are to fake orgasm. (um — hmm…)
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