The Queen of the Beer of Doom

All Things Peep…

Ted: Easter’s coming, did you bring your coat?
Ed: I live in a giant bucket!
Yes, I am a talentless hack.

Check out the lord of the peeps and peepdance especially.

Make your own prions. Or rather, don’t. Ever. Please.

What type of blahppity bleep blow blahbity blah are you?

Banned myoozik.
Hipster myoozik.
Flaming Lips HipHop mashup. (it’s FANTASTIC…but move quick it’s going to go away fer’sure)

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personal|professional musings ...of potential (obscure) scientific interest: sporadic first-person account of dreams either entering low-earth orbit or heading Mach7.3 into bridge pylon... i will do my bestbest to keep it interesting ;o> cheers!

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