Monthly Archives: March 2004

#2 down: bonnie & _____’s (valley)

Step 1. Make photocopies of your favorite crosswerdz {USAToday, NYTimes (monday!), WSJ (facist!)}, two apiece.

Step 2. Obtain an amenable female|male, probably bookish, but certainly with a minimal literary and/or puzzle-ing bent.

Step 3. Determine a mutually agreeable location {eg. coffee shop (duh.), library (boston public…not bad), park (if sunny), bar/pub/restaurant (locals only), other…}

Step 4. Endeavour to complete previously referenced word-based acrostic in conjunction with your lady|gentleman-friend, each of you having the pleasure|reward of filling in your own puzzle…good times.

a moviestar that’s what you are…

for the fun things to do that won’t cost you a cent column…

pickout a favorite picture (it can be anything really, as long as you can hold it straight out in front of your face no problem, but pictures are my favorite) and hold it out in front of your face as far as you can with both hands.

now spin around, not too slow but not too fast (or your eyes won’t be able to track the image/object/whatever)…find the perfect speed, just fast enough to make the room whirl and enjoy…

can be done in any room (obviously) but I prefer the bedroom both for the privacy ( :) ) and because it makes for the most interesting background (lotsa different things in a relatively small space).

ps – don’t do it too long silly, you’ll get dizzie and fall down!

almost there…


like lil’ orphan Annie sez.

also more Hubble luvvin’ we’re now only 800 Million Years from the beginning of time…no new friends though. {if I were a web-wizard, I’d make a “COUNTDOWN TO THE DAWN OF TIME” clock as one of those neat little java apps everyone could put up on their webpage and stare at…that’d be so cool…}