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God Bless Texas!

Also, this is an actual law currently being proposed/debated/(and o god I hope) laughed at in the United States House of Representatives. It’s a quick read, the first few lines will pretty much give it all away. Granted, there are loonies on both sides of the line, but why is it leftist loonies just make you chuckle “absurd” and shake your head, while the conservative versions make you feel dizzy and ill? (from the same folks who gave us the above cartoon)

Burn It :: mixCDswap

First off, this ain’t my idea, but I saw it elsewhere and thought it was wikkid kewl…if you’re here then it (probably) at least piqued your interest, so read on and feel free to sign up! — Jonah

Simple idea: a bunch of folks get together in small groups and swap mix CDs with one another. If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that you possess both the knowledge and hardware to “burn” a music CD (if not…) in which case you can play along with us (if you’re not so sure but you still want to play, the above link can get you started, and you’ve got four whole weeks to figure it out!).

And so to segue: if giving and receiving custom-mixed albums seems like such a rockin’ funcool concept that you can’t help but add this task to your already-jam-packed life of crime, read on mon frere…read on! Continue reading Burn It :: mixCDswap