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bleh…not much impetus these past days — sawwy to the two remaining readers and to the ten of you that were here but now are gone…you will be missed.

  • Dave Egger’s latest novel is being serialized at – aparently it’s political satire…erk.
  • Japanese fan dance performed by SonyCorp ROBOTS – fun to see, even if you already saw it.
  • Clik on the pseudo Venn diagram for animated “social maps” of some email discussion groups, this stuff fascinates me.
  • “What is to come next? The urban complex that is a city rather than a resort—a vivid multifaceted place that pragmatically juxtaposes decorated sheds and ducks through signage and sculpture, civic and commercial content—all in the service of enhanced communication, the vital community-building tool of our multicultural era. This is what the Las Vegases and Pop Century Resorts are leading up to and what the Tokyo of today has essentially achieved.” <metropolis> Umm, I’ll let you know if I end up there. This article also includes the phrase “highfalutin architects” as a self-descriptive made by the author, Robert Venturi…’nuff said. 😀
  • WEEPULS! <Huey Lewis and the News’ Back To The Future Song>Imagine a giant weepul, like the size of a Volkswagen Beetle…he would live in my room, subsisting on dustbunnies and navel lint, and I would call him Prescott Jameson III…that would be so rad.</Huey Lewis and the News’ Back To The Future Song>
  • hysterical sendup of Friendster et. al. <bngbng>
  • Apollonius of Tyre is the Helen of Troy of the Middle Ages apparently, get Ye Olde Aeunglis romance goin’ on…
  • The Matrix has been created. This site claims to run a Google-powered, P2P grid super-computer that lets registered users find one another online based on shared interests etc. I’m intrigued but it’s just so damn spooky. NOTE: Here is the profile for the site’s creator…incredible, this guy is lonely and so he created a social software app to solve his problem, which as a function of its existence and requirements (aggregating people and sorting them by interests, locations, etc.) ends up helping other people as well (all who sign up presumably have the same or at least similar base/underlying/fundamental needs/motivations) wild wild wild…NOTE AGAIN: ok, it looks like he’s a legitimate crazyperson I’m glad I didn’t sign up…
  • Spring has sprung… :)
  • punk-rock aerobics
  • ok enough…have fun with those kthxbi!!@!

  • So I’m a big fat liar, more fun for you! Distributed P2P radio…mostly impractical until wireless gets to the point where we can “lock-in” a station we like and hang-on to that persons stream wherever we are, but a cool BladeRunner idea nonetheless, from these guys (^wtf with their unreadable pop-up site btw, hello?!?!? media site!??!?), the euro-trash partners of these guys.
  • Another Fantastic Evolution in Technology Convenience and Human Progress! (yay!) Voice-Powered Web-Surfing….hasn’t DisneyWorld been promising us all of this stuff for ~45yrs. now? Grrrrr…
  • Am I Fertile Or Not? Yes, I suck…so what, j00 kn0 j00 luv m3 3nni3w3igh!!@!
  • Prettie paintings of forests
  • ok that’s all f’real this time, ltrz!!@!

    The Queen of the Beer of Doom

    All Things Peep…

    Ted: Easter’s coming, did you bring your coat?
    Ed: I live in a giant bucket!
    Yes, I am a talentless hack.

    Check out the lord of the peeps and peepdance especially.

    Make your own prions. Or rather, don’t. Ever. Please.

    What type of blahppity bleep blow blahbity blah are you?

    Banned myoozik.
    Hipster myoozik.
    Flaming Lips HipHop mashup. (it’s FANTASTIC…but move quick it’s going to go away fer’sure)

    AMBER Alerts on AOL

    If you have an SMS-enabled mobile phone and an AOL account (you have one if you use AOL Instant Messenger) you can setup an alert via email/IM/SMS whenever there is an AMBER Alert broadcast by law enforcement in your area (zip-code).

    This is really neat, costs nothing or nearly so (your phone probably will charge you for the SMS, mine cost $0.10), and could save a child’s life. From mobilewhack.